Overview - The Island
Rodrigues was discovered by Diego Rodriguez between the 4th and the 9th February 1528. In these days Portuguez and English navigators were using the island of Rodrigues as a reference when sailing to India. Years later after a very long journey in May 1691, Francois Leguat and seven men landed in Rodrigues.

Rodrigues island is considered to be the 'cinderella of the mascarenes'. Situated about 650 hundred kms north-east of Mauritius at approximately Longitude 62 degrees 25 E and Lattitude 19 degrees 42 S. Its greatest length from Pointe Coton in the east to Pointe Mapou in the west is just over 18 kms, its greatest breadth, from Jeantac in the north to Pointe Portsuite in the south is 8 kms.

The landscape is very mountainous and gives beautiful scenery. Mont Limon the highest peak is about 393 mts above sea level. Valleys and hills give the impression that the island is bigger than it seems to be. In the north, the south and the east the mountains slope dangerously towards the sea separated by deep and narrow valleys while in the west the slopes are more smooth.

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